Habitable Air


Weclome to our curated space, where global art converges around shared themes. Our collection encompasses photography, film, and more, all resonating with our project’s core. Graced by the Santu Mofokeng Foundation’s support, we are very grateful for the opportunity to showcase the works here!

Climate Change

Witness the consequences of climate change through powerful images. Explore destroyed villages, the revival of old coal-fired plants, and the urgent need for sustainable energy. Discover efforts to reduce carbon emissions and mobilize funding for clean energy projects. Join us in understanding the impact on human health and mortality. Let these photos inspire action for a sustainable future.

Poisoned Landscapes

Explore the environmental and social consequences of climate change with images depicting the slow encrustations and cancers emerging from underground processes, shedding light on the devastating impact of mining and acid drainage. The exhibition challenges us to confront our limited understanding of the whole and distorted perception of time in the context of climate change. The photography captures the essence of the problem and embraces ambiguity, urging us to reevaluate our perspectives.


Solastalgia explores southwest Louisiana’s petroleum industry impact, specifically the material, ecological, and social harm. Coined by Glenn Albrecht, ‘solastalgia’ refers to the distress from losing home due to uncontrollable forces. In Mossville, Louisiana. Sasol North America’s 2011 entry led to community displacement, marking the end of Mossville. This project chronicles the decline of Courtney’s mother’s hometown and themes of origins, religion, domesticity, mortality, and emotional ties to altered landscapes.

Detroit Will Breathe

Detroit Will Breathe (2021) by Kate Levy is a compelling documentary that unveils Detroit’s summer 2020 uprising against police violence. Through never-before-seen footage from police body cameras and firsthand accounts of protesters and bystanders, the film exposes shocking police tactics and conversations. It powerfully showcases the integrated movement fighting for Black lives.